YouTube Ad Boycott

It’s been a hard and tricky weeks for Google Adsense because Some of the world’s largest advertisers and marketers suddenly decided to boycott YouTube and Google for featuring their ads as they recognized that their ads were appearing in some negative content on YouTube which is not supposed t be. The problem occurs when British Daily “The times” first time reported and till then several of the biggest and renowned corporations such as McDonald’s, HSBC, Audi, Toyota, The Guardian, RBS, Marks & Spencer have suspended their partnership and campaign on

The boycott is not limited to YouTube most of the renowned ad publishers have also stopped advertising on Google’s ad network that places ads on millions of sites. In order to overcome the losses, Google is hardly attempting to implement some changes to solve the issues and granting advertiser’s more control over their ad placements and setting up a dedicated system for the safety of brand.

Google has always tried hard to control the offensive content rolling over on YouTube and despite of numerous safety its really difficult for them to prevent hateful content and which is quite understandable as more than 500 hours of videos are posted on YouTube in every single

Moreover, YouTube has been becoming more popular and promoting itself as a TV network day by day. So we hope it won’t be too long and Google will regain the trust of all the brands as they do not have much of a choice.

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