Hello Ladies!! Today I am going to tell you how to make your own matte lipstick at home. I am really obsessed with matte lipsticks. So today I decided to make a DIY matte lipstick for myself. I am quite happy with the output and and the shade of my home made matte finish lip color. I am sure you guys want to know how!! Then please keep reading.

Image by DominÖ | Source
Image by DominÖ | Source


  1. An eye shadow palette
  2. Any foundation (any brand of your choice)
  3. Vitamin E oil
  4. A lip brush
  5. An empty container or jar to store.


  • At first scrap off any pigmented eye shadow color or shade that you like, here I am using Bebella 35d eye shadow palette.
Image by pumpkincat210 | Source
Image by pumpkincat210 | Source
  • Then pump in some foundation in to that which will work as a base for your lipstick and give it a matte finish.
Image by ookikioo | Source
Image by ookikioo | Source
  • Now add two drops of vitamin E oil in to the mixture and this will moisturize your beautiful  lips for long.
Image by Tamorlan | Source
  • Now mix all the ingredients with a brush so that there are no lumps or mass. Then store it in a clean jar or empty lip container to get a perfect, smooth and matte finish to your lips.
Image by Jörg Weingrill | Source
Image by Jörg Weingrill | Source
  • Last but not least store it in the refrigerator for the matte finishing or else it will soften.
  • You can mix and create any shade of your choice which will last long on your lips. I hope you guys will like this DIY matte lipstick and try it out of your own.


Image by freestocks.org | Source


Author: Rongoshare

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