Hello Ladies!! Today I am going to give a review of Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel. After hearing the huge positive reviews of it, I just tried it and trying to give you an honest review of this amazing Aloevera Gel. I am a very big fan of Ayurvedic and natural products like this so it’s a must try product for me.

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review
Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review

Patanjali is a great brand and it has a lot of positive reviews because this ayurvedic products are free from chemicals. Aloevera is best for our skin and when it’s organic there’s nothing can be better. It helps to brighten our skin tone and heals our skin from various kinds of ill effects and skin problems.

What It Claims: Patanjali Aloevera Gel claims to remove pimples,rashes,Nourishment of your skin and to get beautiful healthy skin.

Patanjali Aloevera Gel

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Price: Rs 75/- for 150 ml. It costs 75 Rupees in India but 220 taka in Bangladesh.

How Patanjali Aloevera Gel Works For Me:  Aloevera gel itself a magical gel for our skin.It has Auxin, Gibberellins and many anti-inflammatory properties which will improve our skin. The best part of this Patanjali Aloevera gel is it’s a very reliable brand and too cheap for 150 ml. It’s also very travel friendly and super easy to use. It works like a magic for me because I had some pimples marks on my skin which is too much irritating for me to hide. After using this Patanjali Aloevera gel it just started to vanish my marks gradually which is the best part of this product, so I recommend this gel to everyone who had pimples and marks.17156310_1294087923980507_3387307927125039986_n

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel on Acne Prone Skin:  Acne Prone skin is the most sensitive skin one can have and Aloevera gel is known to be the best remedy for acne prone skin and it works like a magic for any kind of pimples and marks. So this Aloevera Gel of Patanjali did a lot of good things for our acne prone skin. This Patanjali gel is very smooth in texture and easily absorbs on our skin.


When I Use Patanjali Aloevera Gel: Basically I just used this gel at night as a night serum to my face. You can use it in a regular basis and also can use it before applying any kind of makeup or foundation on your skin. I would definitely recommend this Divya Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel to people who have normal to dry skin. People with super oily skin can also use this gel as it controls the excessive oiliness from skin.

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review
Patanjali Aloevera Gel
  • Patanjali Aloevera Gel Pros:
  • It’s an Ayurvedic Product
  • Easy to use
  • It’s very Cheap (RS.75)
  • Reduce Pimples and marks
  • Travel friendly
  • Patanjali Aloevera Gel Cons:
  • Doesn’t make my skin fairer or lighter as it claimed

Ratings: 4 out of 5

I hope you guys will like this review of mine. If you have any question or suggestion you can always right down to me, your feedback is highly appreciated.


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