photo by Andréia Bohner
Photo by Andréia Bohner via Flickr

Web browsers play a major role in our daily web life. I personally like to use Firefox and Chrome browser for surfing internet. Due to lots of ad network and irrelevant popup its getting really frustrating day by day. The first thing that I do every time when I install a new browser is I look for any kind of ad blocker extension. So here I’m listing few browser extensions that can help you to save you time and ease your web life.

No- 1 : Adblock plus: Yes, this should be on top of this list cause I can’t even think of using any browser without ad blocker or any such extension installed on it. Actually, I’m ok with ads, but it has to be relevant or it should allow me to customize what kind of ads I would like to see when I’m visiting different websites like I can customize my preference on a Google ad, but with increasing ad network it has become a pain to surf and get desired contents easily. So if you want ad free web life I would recommend considering this extension or any such extension that block these annoying ads.

Adblock plus link for firefox:

No- 2 : Lastpass password manager: Another really useful plugin is lastpass password manager. We all use password in different websites but it can be really difficult to remember all the passwords. This extension encrypts and store all your passwords and can help you to resolve this issue! With Lastpass password manager you just need to remember only one master password and you can login to any website using just a single click. It encrypts and backup your passwords in a secure manner and you can actually use it  any device which is what i found very useful. I would like to mention one more important point which is your master password is never shared with Lastpass! So millions of users have actually found this extension very useful

lastpass extension link:

No- 3 : Screengrab: Another extension that is very useful if you want to take a quick screenshot of your display screen, it has custom option too, so that you can define exactly which portion you want to crop from the entire screen. This extensions is another one that I recommend to everyone.

Screengrab extension link:

No- 4 : Firebug: Firebug is one of the most popular extensions among web developers, this tool helps a lot to inspect or debug code and fix any bug or css related problems. I would recommend this extension to any web developer, trust me this one actually worth it!

Firebug extension link:

No- 5 : Google translator for Firefox: This extension can translate specific text block from another language to your desired language or English (if it can’t translate to that to your desired language). Lots of people are already using it and it actually helps if you regularly visit websites that doesn’t have multilingual support.

Translator extension link:


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Featured Photo by  Andréia Bohner via Flickr


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