I’m a big fan of strategic and war based games and spend lots of time playing these online games. Good thing with these online games are you can actually play with real users and join any team or clan and participate in team war! Some of these games give you option to chat with other players in your team which is also amazing. Going to share a list of 5 such games in this post that I really liked –


  1. Clash of Clans: This one is currently one of the most popular game in all the mobile platform, it’s actually one of the most involving strategic games in mobile device and  millions of users play this game online. Concept is fairly simple, you need to build your kingdom, join a clan/team and participate in team wars to get the loot if you win those wars.
  2. Monster legends: One of my favorite game is monster legends. You do have the option to breed new monsters using any two monster combination and enrich your monster collection. There are actually different types of monsters in this game like epic, rare, common, uncommon and legendary type monsters. Among these types Epic and legendary type monsters are strongest with some really good skill sets. You can form a team and participate in PVP (player vs player) battles or you can join a team and fight against other team in team wars. What I find really amazing is you can actually chat with your team members in team chat and also possible to chat globally with all online members using the global chat option. You can grab lots of new monsters from their regular events like maze event, breeding event, 72 hours challenge event etc
  3. Castle Clash (Age of Legends): You can say castle clash is an alternative of clash of clans game but with few more interesting features. It’s getting more popular these days as people are getting tired of time consuming upgrades of clash of clans, some others reported that COC takes lots of device memory but i actually enjoyed both. You build your army, troops, prepare your heroes and battle against other heroes which can be fun.
  4. Clash Royale: This game was developed by the same developers of Clash of clans and its real time multiplayer game with clash royals! If you want some more pace on game play and liked clash on clans then i would suggest you to try this one. Strategic game but not like clash on clans, you need to level up your arena, attack opponents considering their king tower level and card level.
  5. Vikings (war of clans) : It’s relatively new game and many of you might not heard of it yet, I included this in this list because of its graphics and other interesting new features, game play is much better and smooth, real time strategy battle and real time defense is something that really impressed me. You will be building your village of vikings and join a clan to fight for the loot.

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