You know Internet has reached it’s 30 and I actually wanted to see what are the top 5 websites that people likes to visit the most. In top 5 position all internet giants are ruling at the moment. Here are the top 5 websites that people visited the most –

1. Googlegoogle

 No doubt Google is on top of all the other websites. Indian version of this popular search engine which search the whole web is currently ranked number 1 in this list.  Here is a simple statistics of visitors engagement on this website.
Daily page views per visitor: 10.87%
Daily time on site: 9:56 minutes
Founded on : September 4, 1998
Founder : Larry Page,Sergey Brin
Headquarters : Googleplex,Mountain View,California,U.S
Type : Subsidiary
People mostly visit and spend lots of time on this site to search for information, small percentage look for google news and google translate service.
2. YouTube
My favorite one and of course most of the people do check YouTube for fun videos, entertainment and tutorials. is currently number 2 on this list. People in India do visit YouTube mostly to watch fun videos and dramas which is my favorite part too! You can’t really think of your web life without YouTube these days, here is the daily stats below –
Daily page view per visitor: 7.15
Daily time on this site: 10:51 minutes
Founded on : February 14, 2005
Founder : Steve Chen,Chad Hurley,Jawed Karim
Headquarters : 901 Cherry Avenue,San Bruno,California,United States
Type : Subsidiary
3. YahooYAHOO
 Yahoo is one of the biggest internet portal and service provider and currently holding number 3 position in this list. Most of the visitors use yahoo mail and search feature. Yahoo answers are also popular in India.
Daily page view per visitor: 4.49
Daily time on this site: 5:07 minutes
Founded on : January 1994
Founders : Jerry Yang,David Filo
Headquarters : Sunnyvale, California, U.S.
Type : Public
4. Facebookfacebook
Most popular social network site that connects people and give them a platform to share information among friends and others. Facebook is on the third position in this list. This website allows us not only to share info but also to ask public opinion and questions. You can also share your views, pictures, funny videos and happy moments with your friends, family or public. Using this great site you can also find your old friends/colleagues whom you have lost. Facebook can be a boredom killer for students during their vacations. People mostly use Facebook mobile version using their cellphone and here is the daily statistics from alexa –
Daily page view per visitor: 8.04
Daily time on this site: 16:38 minutes
Founded on : February 4, 2004
Founder : Mark Zuckerberg
Headquarters : Menlo Park,California,U.S.
Type : Public
5. Amazonamazon
I love shopping and really impressed that amazon is ranked 5th on this list, not really expected to see this website on top 5 list in India. People in India started using a lot from last 2 years, most of them browse this site for shopping but there are a small percentage who visit amazon affiliate section too.
Daily page view per visitor: 11.64
Daily time on this site:  9:39 minutes
Founded on : July 5, 1994
Founders : Jeff Bezos
Headquarters : Seattle,Washington,U.S
Type : Public
Thats it for today, I’m preparing another list with top 5 Ecommerce websites in India and globally.
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